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A Fortyteenage Sensation!

Now that I have this blog up and running, I have to say I’m feeling like a fortyteenage sensation. WordPress notified me today that I now have five followers. Thank you!

It was my teenage dream to be “famous.” Not for anything in particular, but somehow I’d make the rounds on the late night talkshows and get to hang out with cool bands. And, of course, be envied on a global-level for my beauty, riches, wit, sophistication, social graces, fashion sense, and my musical AND acting talents. And my ingenious artwork. And everything I did would be 100% perfect. I’m sure I left out a few things. Where was I? Oh, yes. My teenage dreams. In summary, I wanted to exist as a real-life Molly Ringwald in a real-life John Hughes film. Good thing I didn’t leave any room for dissapointment.

The older I got, the more reality chipped away at these innocent hopes. I think student loans and credit card debt were the final blows to my youthful optimism about a world where “anything totally awesome is possible!”

But I always saw writing as an economical, creative outlet. Well, as long as you can find a pencil and paper. Blogging was always a mystery to me. It seemed too “high tech” and uncomfortable. But sometimes we need to push out from our comfort zone in order to keep growing.

I realize this blog post has gone from an Academy Award acceptance speech to a sermon. And I’m sorry for that. I just wanted to let you readers know how much it means to have my anonymous voice heard. And appreciated. And since I’m “pushing out from my comfort zone” by typing this on my cell phone, I don’t know how to go back and edit without loosing everything I’ve written.

So, in closing, thank you. And good day.


About Fortyteen Candles

oh, let's see...distinguished Gen-X'er, frustrated writer, suffocating in the confines of a small town that thinks it's a big deal. A few years ago we were home to the second largest Walmart in our state, don-cha-know. Oh, and I was voted "Most New Wave" in my senior high school year book. Actually, that last sentence alone is really everything you need to know about me.

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