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I am filled with tears of joy as I wear my costume jewelry and evening gown this fine afternoon. Yes, mascara is dripping down my face. “From the sweltering heat,” you may ask? No. My blog “Fortyteen Candles” has graciously been nominated for an award by none other than the one and only 3teensmom. I am really very grateful and appreciative, from one mom and blogger to another. My blog happily accepts this award. Thank you for the recognition!!

The rules for this Award are as follows:

1.   Give credit to the awesome person who nominated you.

2.   Describe 7 things about yourself.

3.   Nominate 15 other bloggers.

My Nominees (Should you choose to accept this award! No pressure!!):

1. amandalovesmovies

2. 400 Days ’til 40

3. A Confederacy of Spinsters

4. The Byronic Man

5. Todd Pack’s Messy Desk

6. belly button blues

7. clotildajamcracker

8. khaula mazhar

9. Sketch Away: Travels with my sketchbook

10. Dysfunctional Literacy

11. strassenfotojournal

12. Cristian Mihai

13. Jill of All Trades…Expert of None!

14. The Future Is Papier Mâché

15. Best of the 80s

And here are the required seven things about myself:

1. My house usually looks like a tornado blew in one window on the top floor and out the next window…in the basement.

2. This fact bothers me every waking minute.

3. It is hard to keep a house clean with small fry running about with lemonade spilling out of their cups and as I trip over Legos.

4. I think I do better in a cooler climate. I’m heat intolerant.

5. I don’t have grey hair yet. Or gray hair. Depending on your spelling preference. I could never decide between the two.

6. I’m not sure if 40 is the new 30. I’m kind of on the fence about it. 30 was kind of a boring year for me, personally.

7. I’ve given up sugar and never looked back. Except with tears.

There you have it! My award requirements are complete. Thank you, again, for the nomination 3teensmom!

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  1. Thank you so very much! I’m extremely honored and as a side note – I’m pretty sure I’m heat intolerant too! 🙂 LOL, I absolutely HATE sweating on the way to work. Thanks again!


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