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Is it Too Late or is it Right on Time?

Too late. It’s too late, actually. That’s  how I feel more and more every day. Too late for what? Too late for chasing dreams? Too late for taking chances? I don’t know, maybe too late for everything.

But that kind of thinking has been with me my whole life. It must have started when I was due to be born in October, then showed up late in early November. The die had been cast. Even when I was a kid I remember thinking I was too old to start ice skating lessons in fourth grade, because all the kids in the Olympics started when they were two. I remember at nineteen years of age talking myself out of modeling school because all the decent models had been in the field since they were fourteen. I finished my first college degree late, at the age of twenty-three, because of being sidetracked by irresponsibility. I got married late at the age of thirty. Then I returned to school for my next degree even later, at the age of thirty-one and considered myself the old lady of the nursing school class. Even though I wasn’t. I just felt that way.

The song “Undun” by the Guess Who was ahead of its time. Actually it was right on time for me, as it was from the year of my birth….1969. Because it is “my song” as I’ll call it, I cling to each lyric as if it speaks to me personally. A prophecy. Is it too late for me? Will this endless lateness eventually make me “come undun?” Even though this spelling for the word “undone” is incorrect, I’ll forgive them because she must also have been too late to worry about grammar. Plus, I’m sure they were hippies.

If you live your whole life feeling like you’ve already missed the boat, what’s the point in ever hoping to get anywhere? That is the million dollar question I’ve asked myself more and more often lately. Especially when it is coming up time for my next birthday. I wonder, what have I done this past year? What did I end up missing out on because I was too late? What can I do this year while I still have time to do it?

This year I’m going to start seeing the glass as half full. Instead of thinking about all the things I’m too late for, I’m going to make myself focus on what I’m RIGHT ON TIME for. So, at my tender age of fortyteen…what am I right on time for? I’m right on time for a slower metabolism, I’m right on time for a midlife crisis, I’m right on time to worry about my retirement, I’m right on time to be the mother of pre-teen boys (and the whole can of worms that comes  along with that), I’m right on time to be part of the sandwich generation and by then I’ll be right on time for another midlife crisis (why stop at one? I’m not a quitter).

So, I can see there is so much left in life that I am at the perfect age to enjoy. I’ll never miss out again on the surprises of life, thinking every opportunity is in my past. “I’m right on time” is what I’ll say as a I pay each bill, as I plan for my future, as I face another car repair or broken furnace. I’m right on time for the minute I’m in. Best of all, I think I’m right on time for a nap.

About Fortyteen Candles

oh, let's see...distinguished Gen-X'er, frustrated writer, suffocating in the confines of a small town that thinks it's a big deal. A few years ago we were home to the second largest Walmart in our state, don-cha-know. Oh, and I was voted "Most New Wave" in my senior high school year book. Actually, that last sentence alone is really everything you need to know about me.

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  1. Yes, napping. And it’s all about the attitude. We have a friend who has always wanted to be in the Olympics. Right now – at the age of forty-three, he is training for the next winter Olympics to compete in downhill skiing – for Jamaica. You are NEVER too late for anything. I always tell my kids, if you aren’t dead, you can do anything.

  2. Approaching 55 (double nickels) I think about this every minute now. But back when I was fortyteen I thought about it every 30 seconds, so don’t worry, it gets better. Now I just think about peeing.

  3. At 62 I’m really fighting that attitude. I get angry at myself because there are so many others much older than me going for it. We can do it!

  4. this must be a kind of syndrome – I have a 21 year old son who thinks he is too late for things–hope he comes to the realization you have –it is never too late

  5. Perhaps you are just fashionably unpredictable.

  6. why am I here in a handbasket?

    we’re right on time for saggy tits and a flappy ass. You forgot those.

  7. I am always inspired by the fact that Grandma Moses, too, wasa late bloomer. She started in her mid-70s and painted until her death at 101.

  8. Believe me, it’s never too late for anything! Half full is good, it’ll take you a long way! Good going 🙂

  9. They say you can make anything a new habit, including seeing things differently. I’ll try it with you!

  10. Some things might be too late. Olympics and whatnot. However, I have to say that nothing in life is really ever too late. Evidence my own personal trials, right now. Changing my entire life, trying to work out a new way of living to make things happier and healthier than they have been in the past many years. This includes my babies’ lives – making sure they are happier in the future.

    I enjoy reading about your own travels towards a better life when you hit 40. Keep going!

    Thank you,


  11. Is that a vinyl single I see before me? I Think it’s bit too late for one of those!

    Remember, it’s never actually too late until it’s gone completely which, by reading your achievements so far, hasn’t happened.

    Just you wait till you get to my age – then you can start bitching, and get away with it too!

    • I think most people today wouldn’t even know what that was, and I didn’t give it two seconds thought of posting! It’s like a secret password for the fortyteen candles generation. If you know what this thing is…you’re “in”! LOL

  12. Life happens moment at a time and we each only ever get the one we’re in. (Can’t have the ones to come yet and can’t regain the ones that are past.) Hard to be too late for ‘right now’, it just started! 🙂

  13. Teresa Cleveland Wendel

    Right on!

  14. I seem to have spent most of my life a week behind everyone else.

    That new hi-fi or plasma screen TV I spent a lot of money on? If only I’d visited the store a week earlier – the item was on special offer then.

    Stuck in some god-forsaken town in the middle of nowhere with no entertainment on offer? If only I’d visited last week – they’d had their annual Festival then

    Enduring days of rain on vacation? If only I’d come the week before – they’d had glorious sunshine.

    Fortunately, there’s a cure for this perpetual feeling of being too late for everything – Alzheimers 😉

  15. I have been feeling like this a lot lately, feel better now! Great post.

  16. Someone, perhaps Robert Heinlein, said ‘Life is short. Live wide.’
    Go for it, AnElephantcant help loving crazy folk!

  17. I especially liked the line about being right on time for another midlife crisis, why stop at one, ’cause you’re not a quitter– ha!

    There are few things more charming than droll self-mockery. You are clearly right on time for being a very witty blogger– keep up the great work! : )


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