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It’s True…Lightning Does Strike Twice!


I can’t believe it has happened again. I’m very lucky and completely honored to learn today that my blog is nominated for its second award, “The Very Inspiring Blogger Award,” by none other than the amazing J. E. Lattimer of the incredible blog Thank you so much for the nomination…and yes, I TOTALLY ACCEPT THIS AWARD!! You are amazingly thoughtful and your kindness is very encouraging and inspiring to this new blogger.

But before I go any further, I do need to clear the air. Although I feel like I look exactly like the lovely and  beautiful woman in the photograph above, I must confess it is not me. It is none other than the 2012 Miss America, Laura Kaeppeler. But, if you disagree and insist that I must look as lovely – even though I really have more mascara streaming down my face and my bigger tiara is even more askew – then I will not crush your dreams. I am not a dream crusher. I am a writer, blogger and upright citizen of a random cul-de-sac in the middle of nowhere.

Now, on to the award and its requirements:


Fortyteen Candles has been nominated (AND HAS TOTALLY ACCEPTED) “The Very Inspiring Blogger Award!”

Here are the rules:

1]  Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog–

Thank you, again,  J. E. Lattimer of

2]  List seven random things about yourself–

1)  If you asked me quickly to describe the color “puce” I would not know where to begin

2)  It was my childhood dream to be a synchronized swimmer.

3)  It is my adult dream to be a synchronized swimmer.

4)  It took me many years to finally understand that crusts really are the best part of the bread.

5)  I hate driving in snow storms.

6)  Curious if they still sell Jello Pudding Pops? They were good.

7)  My lucky number is seven.

3]  Nominate fifteen other blogs–
















4]  Notify the fifteen nominees


5]  Put the award logo on your blog.

Thank you, again, for the awesome nomination J. E. Lattimer! Now go check out the blog right now…

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